Van Life

One thing I’ve started taking an interest in recently is the growing number of “van life” YouTubers. Minimalism has always intrigued me and inspired me. I try to cut out as much extra, un-needed stuff from my life on a regular basis as I can. I’m already a lover of all things organizational — I am a computer programmer after all. I started down the rabbit-hole with videos of dudes living in their converted truck beds, such as this YouTuber, The Homeless Firefighter.

Then I ventured on to other vloggers ranging from living in a Prius, all the way up a renovated 1970’s-era RV. Even wee man has gotten into the trend. All of these people seem really awesome to hang out with, and of course, really down-to-Earth. Amazon has also jumped on the minimalist bandwagon and is selling entire pre-fabricated tiny homes (with free shipping of course). It seems us millenials are tired of trying to find affordable housing and all of the debt attachments that come with it. We have found a new way of living.

Lillevilla Escape | $5,350 on Amazon

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